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My name is Sanderson Labousse, I take pride in my work, and always work with the utmost integrity and dedication. I strive to provide the best possible service to my clients, and I'm passionate about helping them stay safe and secure. My goal is to ensure the safety of their information and systems, and to do a great job for my employer. To view my resume, you can click the pdf below.

Thank you!

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My Story

A while back, I was completely naive and unaware of cyber criminals, and that naiveté allowed me to fall victim in a shameful cyber attack. But I didn't fall victim from some unknown threat actor, it was from my psychotic neighbor. See me and my neighbor used to share internet access, I paid him and he connected me. One day he asked me for my laptop so that he could help configure the network setting in it, When I asked him why is that, he replied it is because he was going to change some settings in his modem and that he wanted to make sure that I continued to receive internet access from his modem. However, his real intention was to plant a backdoor in my laptop so that he could spy on me whenever he wanted to. Unfortunately, he succeeded. I know he did, because one day I was chatting with my ex-girlfriend through messenger on my laptop, and somehow, his wife yelled out loud about something intimate that I typed in the chat. As you can imagine, I was so shocked, I was like, how could this be! Well, I guess she wanted me to know that her crazy husband was spying on me. Well, after that, I blamed myself for it and I vowed to never fall victim in such attack ever again, and also to help other people become aware of this. See, to me, cybersecurity is not just a passion, it is personal. That is why I’m so dedicated and passionate to study hard and practice a lot. Cybersecurity is not only my passion, it is also my duty to keep getting better at it.


I'm looking for an exciting opportunity to work and develop my skills in the cybersecurity field


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